Everyone, or if not everyone, then most of us have dreams at the back of our head, can make us feel better, happier, or livelier. But the sad thing is that we realize that days, months, and even years are gone and we didn’t make any single steps on achieving those dreams. If we know what we want, then why we don’t act on it? My mind argues with me on this question and proposes every answer it can find.

If we know what we want, then why we don’t act on it?

We are afraid

It is true that any big dreams seem impossible. It may not be a dream if it is so simple, and it doesn’t scare the shit out of us, and if we can stretch our hands and yey! We have it in our hands already.

Big dreams don’t work that way, and we know that pursuing them is not for the weak hearts. We are afraid of failure, of wasting our time and disappointment- we are scared of it for so many reasons, perhaps.

Do you feel like you are not worthy of it? Do you think it will not work out? A lot of alibis. Being afraid is understandable because achieving any big dreams of yours will ask you to put all your heart and soul on the line.

We are deceiving ourselves

Sometimes our brains or maybe our emotions are toying on us, so we need to carefully assess whether what we are chasing is something we sincerely want. Knowing what we want is not always enough, and you must always ask yourself, “how badly do I want this?”. Whatever answer you will provide for this question will have a significant impact on you taking action for it.

We are waiting for the right time

Before I start this blog, I was trapped inside my mind asking when is the right time to start. My knowledge and experience to share something to my readers and what I know about running a blog feels insufficient till I realize that I needed to start now, and I don’t want to commit the same mistakes of wasting my time.

No right time will come if we are full of excuses inside our heads- are you waiting for everything to fall on you, and that’s the cue for you to start? Funny, but I did that. Every time a bad thing happens to me, I will be like “You know what, your job is bad so let’s get your blog running” or “You are not earning enough, let’s get to your blog and learn how to run it so you can earn extra income” – these are TRAPS.

Why? Because we are putting our actions on the things we cannot control or of external forces. Your dreams should be inside of you, and by that, we should learn to hear it out entirely as it is and take control.

And…. Any of our other favorite excuses.

Address what’s holding you back and meet it in the eye- do something about it, tame it, kill it.

Whatever might be the reasons or our excuses, there will always be a common denominator, and that is to always bear in mind why do you want it. I have learned a simple technique on how to take action seriously, and that is to write it down, yes, write your goal/s. Determine why you want it and write down the steps on how to achieve it. In your planner, what you wanted to do is every day take that paper where you wrote your goals and the steps on how to make it and analyze what actions you can take today to get closer to them. I believe that no one and nothing can prevent us when we want something- we need to be a little at present and work on these goals little by little.

And thanks for reading my very first article- I finally pull it off together after four months and wishful years of starting this blog.

Be happy and great. Love,

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