We cannot avoid all problems and negative emotions no matter how much we wanted to, but we can do something about our attitude towards it. Things and circumstances do not always favor us, and no matter how much we want to put our thoughts away from those nasty feelings, we sometimes caused ourselves to dwell there unintentionally.

Having those feelings or emotions is normal, depending on every person’s definition of normal. But if you consistently found yourself in the cycle of unwanted emotions and it’s making you uncomfortable or depressed, maybe it is about time to turn the things around.

While solving the problems, while accepting the things we have no control of and while doing something about our current situation, we can do these simple things to make ourselves instantly happy amidst our dark cloud enemy:

#1 Listen to Podcast/Music

Uplifting music and educational podcast proved itself to me every time I’m feeling down. Have you ever noticed how you become happier listening to songs that give you hope? You get an instant burst of happiness. And sometimes, as funny and cruel as it sounds- listening to a sad song can be a good thing too. You will get the idea that you are not alone with what you are feeling- the songwriter crafted the song by experiencing the same agony or maybe by observing someone else’s.

However, I do suggest listening to calm music or songs with a positive outlook. But it is still your preference.

Listening to a podcast is my favorite. 

For instance, my go-to podcasts when I’m down is listening to Blogging Millionaire and Lavendaire’s Lifestyle podcasts. Not only it takes my mind off the sadness, but it also allows me to gather new information and inspiration.

#2 Be Grateful

Grateful? What? I’m suffering, yet I need to be thankful, you say?

Yes and no. I won’t tell you to be grateful because you are suffering, but I want you to be thankful. I want you to be grateful for all the right things and people that are still working in your life. You are breathing, you are reading this, and you have an internet connection.

Those are just simple things. Only you can see and dig deep to find all the beautiful things and people in your life.

Can you believe me if I tell you that I’m grateful even for the few silent minutes I have every morning to enjoy my coffee? What’s yours? Think of something you are thankful for today and make it a practice to be grateful every day.

Feeling that you are blessed even if things aren’t always how we want it to be is a powerful tool to be calm. I’m sure there are lots of things in your life that are still working well.

#3 Do Something Creative or Work-Related

Unwanted emotions can hinder us from working on our goals and plans. If we are feeling bad about something or ourselves, then you will notice that it is harder to move and attach yourself away from your bed.

And that is the same reason why we need to keep moving. Laying in bed or sitting on the couch all day will only intensify the feeling of guilt. We are guilty of how we are wasting our time, and sooner or later, we will find ourselves suffering more because of the amount of time consumed, not taking action.

Explore your creative sides and do a mini project for yourself or others. Who knows, it might be your calling. Check your worklists and see if there are unattended projects that you have been procrastinating on.

Do productive things to shift your mind away from things and thoughts that are bothering you.

#4 Keep Learning

Have a thirst for learning new things, expand your knowledge and opportunities. With the great help of online courses and the world wide web, it has never been easier to study and hone your skills and potentials.

While going through sadness, I decided to indulge in learning through online courses, and it is indeed a very productive way to spend my time. I even have a dedicated notebook where I jot down notes about the new information. 

Your world is vast, and there is a lot more for you to see- invest in learning and be busy about it.

Learning is a way to improve ourselves. It will force us to think of possibilities rather than being our stagnant self before we started the process.

#5 Learn to Celebrate Other People’s Win

If your sadness came from comparing yourself to someone else, then know that you are not alone. We are humans, and at some point, it is easy to see other people’s successes and status and compare ourselves, especially if we feel like we are going through a hard time.

But you should stop this self-sabotaging belief because you are living in a scarcity mindset. A scarcity mindset is where you believe that the riches or successes are limited- as a result, you end up coveting other people’s wins.

We are made differently, and besides, you only see the tip of the iceberg. Other people’s successes or wins are the results of many sacrifices and heartaches.

When I was young, I used to feel a bit envious about my brother’s success. Before I knew that I don’t want to be a CPA, I used to look upon him and admired how he managed to pass the CPA exam by studying on his own. Mind you; it is not easy- working 8 to 5 P.M and waking up 2 A.M to study.  

That’s when you will learn that we are in no position to envy anyone, even if we are willing to put a much higher effort.

The next time you see other people winning- be happy for them and congratulate them. You will have your own time in this world, and believe me, success and riches are not running out. If they win, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is the end for you. Live with an abundant mindset and stop the green-eyed monster: Jealousy.

This post doesn’t promote running away from your problems, but these tips will surely make you feel better, especially on the times that you are planning how to solve a crisis in your life. There is always a WAY to everything. You still have a choice and control of how you feel about a situation.

 Be happy,

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