Morning or anytime you wake up for the day is one of the most critical aspects of our lives. Not only does it signifies beginning but also, what we feel and do in the morning will eventually help set out the tone of our day.

Waking up later than our desired time will bring some stress on our overall day. We find ourselves skipping breakfast, workouts, journaling or whatever, to compensate for the time we’ve lost. However, these situations may happen from time to time, and these are acceptable and understandable.

But with our desire to be the best version of ourselves, we start to have a wanting to adopt a different version of our day to achieve our goals/purpose in life. We have to admit that being rushed through a day unprepared is like a warrior sent to war without training.

Follow these simple ways to organize your day for success and be prepared:

Do Planning a Day or Night Before

While we can do the planning of our actual day the moment we wake up, I will still suggest having a dedicated time to do it before the actual day. I have a weekly date with my planner as well as planning every night to adjust the plans I made from the start of the week.

By doing this, we are sure that we consider all the things that we need to include in our schedule/plans for the next day. 

Identify and Do Your Most Important Tasks First

We have to admit that no matter how we planned our day, there will be inevitable interruptions. That’s why we have to be honest with ourselves by setting an achievable plan for the day. Choose 3 of the most important tasks for the day and focus on tackling it first.

After successfully doing your three MIT or Most Important Tasks, you can then proceed to the other task on your checklist.

Ask: which three tasks should be done, so that will make me feel better to call it a day? 

Set Your Intention for the Day

Have you ever tried setting an intention for that day? If you are not familiar with this, it is a practice where you will write and say something like:

Today I will be productive, or today I will be creative, or today I will do this or that.

I consider this as an effective practice to gear my day towards the results and feeling that I want. You will also notice that by setting an intention, you will have a clear mental view of which of your tasks will be your MIT.

Ask: What will be my intention for today?

Do Not Forget Self-Care

We will never function at our best if our minds and bodies are not in good condition. With today’s busy schedule, a lot of us skipped our self-care in exchange for couple of hours to work on other things. I, myself, are guilty of this but I’m trying to improve this part of my life.

An organized day follows a healthy mind and body. Exercise or do yoga for few minutes after waking up, eat a healthy breakfast, read or listen to something inspiring or practice meditation to prepare our physical and mental health for the day.

Ask: What small things or changes I can do today to keep a healthy mind and body?

Practice Gratefulness

No one can ruin a good day more than a negative emotion or thought. That’s the last thing we want to encounter when we want to be in the zone of achieving our goals. Even if there are things that are not going our way, we can still set aside a few moments to remember what are the important and happy things that are still working for us. 

Ask: What am I grateful for today?

Celebrate Your Wins for Today

At the end of the day, we can write or think of the things we have accomplished and shamelessly own it. No matter how small those wins are, it is a sign that you worked hard to get yourself closer to the goal or dreams that you want.

Celebrating your wins will help you feel motivated and continue adopting the process of successfully organizing your day.

Ask: What are my wins for today?

It is not a surprise that having an organized day will help us take control of our tasks and goals not just for that day but in the long run. By successful planning or organization, we will soon find that the stress of last-minute cramming will no longer be our options.

Each person defines a successful day on their own that’s why it is essential to assess what is the most important thing for you.

Be the kind of person who achieves his or her goals in life by setting an intention, delivering results, maintaining a healthy body and mind and celebrating even a small  victory.

For your successful day,


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