There are things and circumstances you want, but fear is standing right in front of it. There is a better opportunity, but you are afraid that pursuing it may result in the loss of everything. There is a better place for work and your life, but you are so scared to leave your comfort zone. You know that you are capable of something, but you are afraid that you might fail. You want to try again, but your mind tells you- You are not worth it. 

I will ask you to think for a while- “What is the life you want? What kind of relationships do you want to have? What is the picture of a day worth living?”. “What is this thing you want to do that has been sleeping at the back of your head? It is sleeping there because you are afraid” and “What if today, you can do it, and you will not fail?”

I have read somewhere that courage is not the absence of fear but the triumph over it. Don’t let fear overtake you. Take actions now, little by little. It is time to let go of the things that caused your present anxiety.

You are denied and rejected in the past, and you believe it will happen again-let me tell you that “It won’t.”

You failed in that goal in the past, and you tried, but you failed again, but this time you learned, but you are so afraid -let me tell you that “It won’t happen again because you will attain this goal.”

You suffered an abusive relationship in which compromised your self-worth, and then you found a fantastic person, but you are afraid to give your heart again- let me say “Your heartbreak is part of the process of finding the right one for you.”

Have you noticed the pattern? Fear links to what had happened in the past. 

When we are born, we are fearless until you expose yourself to the harshness of this world, some disrespectful souls abuse you, someone told you that you are not good enough, someone or something told you not to do this because you have to fear it-that it is reasonable to fear it, your self-confidence shattered into pieces.

You think that what happened yesterday will happen again today. Yes, it will work per se, if you will not improve. But the fact that you are reading this means you don’t want to be afraid anymore. Life is short, and living in a bed of fear is not healthy. Do not settle for less than what you deserve just because you are afraid. You may fail 100 times, but what’s important is for you to get up at least 101 times.

For me to tell you not to be afraid is a big responsibility as I was paralyzed with fear as you are. But little by little, it is getting more evident that I should break up with the pattern of my past. If fear paralyzes you, like me, then we should do the same- Break up with the patterns of our past mistakes. We have learned from it, and those mistakes and failures should never define us. You may have cried over that same painful times in the past, but that is enough. I believe you already know what you need to do, and you must.

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